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Renewable Energies are always being developing and changing, there have also been many traditional forms of conservation/renewable resources lost in our convenient society.

Sulltek was derived from the thoughts, of Reliable, Affordable, and Renewable Energies. We feel people can live in our society and not pay utility bills of any kind. Wow are we crazy or what !

The first step to Renewable Energies is to Reducing your Energy Consumption.
There are many ways to reduce your Energy footprint, the Key is to do things you can live with, work Energy Reduction in to your daily routine (human nature is the reason for this if its to hard or far out of the norm eventually the event or action no longer be done).

We are setting up as a part of an informational gateway, to provide you with links, how-to's and projects. This site is only in its infancy and will grow as all children do.

Projects and write-ups will be posted soon.

Thank you for visiting our site.