Long time coming! Solar cooking links added. Please have a look at James's solar cooking blog.

We are a Big Commerce Partner with a lot of perks from the easy to run online store.

New Commerce project in the works please expect longer then normal e-mail reply times.

New passive solar air panel design in the works.

Commercial install of a passive solar air panel, peoject was a window retrofit. Have a look on YouTube

Links added to the Renewable Energy page, Please have a look.

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The picture in the gear above is that of a clear cut rainforest; the Rondonia Deforestation in Brazilm, this photo was taken from the Hubble Space Telescope. We have the ability to stop this from happening everywhere. By using technology wisely, educating the public, and improve existing programs, we can move toward an environmentally friendly society as a whole to benefit everyone.

By using technology we have the ability to conserve resources at work and in our daily lives, working with you to automate and streamline your business
with technology, will give you the freedom to the work on the things
that truely mater to you.

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